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NATURALLY YOURS….Everyone is Welcome!


Small in size but HUGE in diversity. Belize has just but recently been recognized as an exclusive eco-tourism destination. THINK of BELIZE as visiting the world’s largest natural theme park. Our country offers you the most spectacular atolls and natural attributes and bio-diversities. Belize is proud to boast the second largest barrier reef in the world (considered a world heritage site), its Hol Chan Marine Reserve, its other natural wonders and protected areas, its Mayan Ruins and its rich Mayan and Garifuna cultures.


Belize was a former British common wealth with a diverse ethnic background. The country upholds the Westminster model of a parliamentary system. It is a country and its people became independent in 1981. This English speaking destination is a shining example of non-stop adventure an environmental excellence. It is the essence of nature, well above and below the waterlines. It is wonderful to visit this country where more than 8,000 square miles of natural beauty is divine. Much of our country’s land mass is dedicated as nature reserves.



We at Corozal Bayside Realty are firm believers of the proper development of our country and we emphasize the preservation and the safeguard of our natural heritage.







Business and nature meet in Belize to create a perfect investment climate. Everybody attends when the conference is set in Belize. Besides enjoying the unique jungle and seaside facilities, folks can swim, sunbathe, snorkel, dive, cruise, hike, climb, tube and explore this most fascinating little country.


Belize has hosted heads of state and heads of companies, leading educators and promising students, trade groups and non-profit associations. Meeting planners appreciate the diverse accommodations, modern facilities, central location, easy transportation, tropical climate, tour operators, and wealth of activities.


When not at meetings, attendees go on exciting tours to nearby attractions, including ancient Maya sites and beautiful snorkeling and diving spots.




With one foot in Central America and the other in the Caribbean Sea, Belize is strategically located for business to serve clients easily throughout the Americas. Business and nature meet here, creating an attractive and sustainable investment climate for investors.


The tiny tax haven of Belize offers a literate English-speaking workforce, democratic government. It has been democratic and fortunate to have a stable government. Elections were held in February 7th, 2008 and a new government was voted in showing our democratic system full at work. It has a stable economy, low operating costs, repatriation of profits, and high returns on fixed deposits. The stable exchange rate has been pegged since 1976 at BZ$2 to US$1.


In this private enterprise economy, the tourism industry leads as the number one foreign exchange earner, followed by marine products, citrus, cane sugar, and bananas.


Belize offers special programs to promote investment: International Business Company (IBC), Export Processing Zone (EPZ), Commercial Free Zone (CFZ), and insurance and mutual funds. For details on Belize law visit





In a world that pays a premium for niche products labeled “natural,”  “organic,” “fair trade’” and “eco-friendly,” Belize makes an ideal target for investors.

Demand for the “made in Belize” brand includes fair-trade cocoa, orange juice and pepper sauces. The country’s number one export, experience-based tourism leads the economy.


The national government – supportive and non-intrusive – understands that it must leverage the natural assets of Belize to promote private sector growth and ensure long-term sustainability.


With a literacy rate of 94%, Belizeans feel pride that the world views them as a model for developing countries, protecting their environment and resources while attracting foreign trade and investment. Average annual GDP growth demonstrates their success, as does the consistently high level of reinvestment.




Non-residents may form international business companies, easily incorporated within one hour. Popular for the confidentiality they provide. IBC’s offer asset protection as well as no foreign exchange controls. Non-residents enjoy tax exemptions on capital gains, income, interest, shares and debt obligations. No minimum paid-up capital is required, which can be in non-Belizean currency. Other benefits include no currency restrictions and no citizenship or residency requirements for directors and shareholders who may conduct their meetings in any country.


For a fee, the IBC Experts Registered Agents Department will help investors with incorporation. Financial firms which help to incorporate and manage IBCs. Leading banks including, the Belize Bank, Atlantic Bank, and Scotia Bank also deal in loans, corporate accounts, wire transfer services and credit cards. International Services also do business consulting, retirement planning, money management, insurance, immigration application, corporate services and trust accounts.


Many Belizean banks provide forms and assistance to open IBCs and trust accounts. When going through a bank, it issues the IBC an international Visa or MasterCard, which can provide owners with a flexible link to foreign accounts.





Benefits of the export processing zone and commercial free zone programs include tax and duty exemptions, no import or export licenses, and foreign currency bank accounts in Belize and abroad. Goods and services can be sold, leased, and transferred within an EPZ. A certificate of compliance allows a party to establish an EPZ business on property owned or leased by the zone. A retail or wholesale business can be set up in the Corozal Free Zone with approval from the chief executive officer of the zone’s management agency. There are no restrictions on foreign exchange or penalties for using foreign exchange or penalties for using foreign currency in the Corozal Free Zone. Two zones operate currently: the first on 160 acres along the Mexican border in Corzal District northern Belize.





Nine licensed offshore banks and five commercial banks operate under Belizean Jurisdiction with a range of services. Leaders include Atlantic, Belize, Heritage, Caye International, Investment & Commerce, and Provident banks. The automatic teller machines at Atlantic Bank, Scotia Bank and Belize Bank dispense cash for holders of local MasterCard and Visa cards. The ATMs at Belize Bank accept foreign bank

 cards as well, and the international division offers trusts, foreign currency accounts, services for offshore companies, and international Visa cards. Provident Bank and Trust offers merchant accounts to facilitate sales. Some banks offer foreign currency accounts, power of attorney, and notary services. Belize Offshore Center, an association of offshore financial service providers, offers clients asset and money management, plus corporate, commercial, business, trustee, and accountancy services. Register ships through the Belize Shopping Registry.





 Retirees shopping for a slice of paradise often choose Belize, which welcomes newcomers warmly. Imagine rolling the nest egg all the way out to the horizon. Imagine living like a king in the exotic Caribbean, with reefs to the east, jungles to the west, welcoming neighbors, wholesome food and convenient shopping, and affordable health care. People retire to Belize to enjoy the golden years as if they were on a continuous vacation. Stable government, good security, fine education, and excellent health care make Belize a safe investment. Modern amenities, easy transportation, and English- Speaking neighbors contribute to the country’s popularity. The housing budget stretches further here. Picture a rambling beach house or low-rise condo where the whole family can come to visit. Especially at Ambergris Caye, Placencia and Hopkins Village, new condo developments present opportunities to find one’s place in the sun. Or imagine living in a rustic mountain home, amid a cool forest.  Under the Belize Retired Persons Program, anyone over 45 is eligible for tax benefits, including exemptions on retirement income. When moving to Belize, qualified retirees can import motor vehicles, boats, aircraft, and personal effects duty- free. Spouses and children under 18 (23 if enrolled in college) also enjoy benefits. To apply, get the form online and submit it to the Belizean Tourism Board with the following documents.


1.            Birth certificate for the applicant and each dependant.

2.            Marriage certificate if the spouse is a dependant.

3.            Police record from the current jurisdiction, issued within one month of the application date.

4.            Passport copies of all pages, including blanks, for the applicant and dependants, certified by a notary public.

5.            Proof of income: official statement from a financial institution certifying the applicant receives a pension of at least US $2,000 per month, and a financial statement from a financial institution in Belize certifying the applicant’s investment or deposit will generate the equivalent of US $24,000 per year.

6.            Medical certificate from a complete examination, which includes and AIDS test.

7.            Recent photos from the front (four copies) and profile (four copies), for each applicant and dependant.





Location: East Coast of Central America, bounded on the North by Mexico, on the South and West by Guatemala, and on the East by the Caribbean Sea.


Land Area: 8,867 square miles or 22,923 square meters.


Capital and Major Towns & Villages:


  • Belmopan City (Capital, Cayo District)
  • Belize City (Commercial Center, Belize District)
  • Benque Viejo Del Carmen (Cayo District)
  • Caye Caulker (Belize District)
  • Corozal Town (Corozal District)
  • Dangriga (Stann Creek District)
  • Orange Walk Town (Orange Walk District)
  • Punta Gorda (Toledo District)
  • Placencia (Stann Creek)
  • San Ignacio (Cayo District)
  • San Pedro (Ambergris Caye)


Climate: Sub Tropical (dry and wet season)


Rainfall: Ranges from 60 inches in the North to 200 inches in the South annually.


Population: Approximately 270,000


Density of Population: Nine (9) persons per square kilometer


Languages: Official language is English, Spanish is widely spoken. Other ethnicities include  Garifuna, Maya, Chinese, Indian.



Religions: Mainly Christian denominations


Form of Government: Democratic – Bicameral Legislature based on Westminster System


Prime Minister: Right Honorable Dean Barrow


Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation: Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr.


Currency: Belize Dollars


Exchange Rate: US$1.00 = BZ$2.00


Principal Exports: Sugar, citrus, bananas, fish products, garments, and timber


Principal Imports: Machinery and transport equipment, manufactures, good beverages, construction materials, fuel, and lubricants.


Major Trading Partners: United Stated of America, United Kingdom, CARCICOM Mexico, and Canada.


Electric Power: Belize Electricity Limited Voltage 110 Volts, optional 220 volt Watt Hour (kwh) B$0.38.


Telecommunications: All automatic systems: Direct dialing with fixed lines, cellular, telexes and faxes. Internet access widely available.


Entry and Visa Requirement: Visitors are permitted to stay up to one (1) month with have a valid passport. Nationals of few countries require a visa for entry to Belize.






In real estate, timing is of the utmost importance. Along the Caribbean coast, the market is currently exploding with opportunities. Belize is exciting to investors for many reasons. The country is stunningly beautiful and the tourism industry thriving. Along with the nonstop stream of visitors and abundant land to develop, Belize offers many possibilities for real estate investment. Among them are opportunities to choose diverse properties such as resorts and residences, beach spots, islands, lagoons, and riverfronts. Some homes and resorts occupy their own private cayes. Whether developed or raw, consider accessibility, utilities, distance from towns and villages, and proximity to tourist destinations and commercial centers. As always, values depend on “location, location, and location.”  Another important factor is the country’s proximity to North America. Outside of cities and towns, owners pay annual property tax at a rate of one percent of the established value. Inside cities and towns, taxes vary. On properties of 300 acres or more, an annual speculation tax of five percent applies to the undeveloped value of the land. For non- Belizeans, property transfers invoke registration and fees of about US $15, government stamp duty ( transfer tax) of 5 percent of the sales price, plus an attorney’s fee from one to three percent of sales price. Land and home prices will of course vary throughout the country. While a one-bedroom condo near the water in Ambergris Caye, Plancencia, Caye Caulker or Seign Beight  might cost approximately $200,000 and a two-bedroom $350,000, Corozal and other locations will vary greatly. Contact an experienced attorney and reputable real estate agent when considering a purchase.



Corner 1st Avenue & 2nd Street North

Corozal Town

Corozal District

Belize, western Caribbean

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