Orange Walk District

Tucked into the northeast corner of Belize and not far from the Mexico border, the Orange Walk district is a study in contrast. Home to around 14,000 people, it’s the district that hosts the largest collection of Maya settlements built during the Pre-Classic Period, but there are also plenty of reminders of European conquests during the 1500s, too. Now an epicenter of multi-cultural influences, this modern-day Babel is a land of many languages, faiths and cultural practices, but it’s the region’s emerging eco-tourism reputation that’s getting Orange Walk the most amount of attention these days. Home of the largest sugar cane refinery in Belize. Affectionately known as "Shuga City" or sugar city, Orange Walk is just an hour north of Belize City and half an hour south of Corozal Town. It is also home of the country's largest mestizo population. Home to beautiful New River and stunning Lamanai Archaeological Reserve.
Beyond the tempting rum factories, Orange Walk is the authentic, raw Belize. A place where it's not far-fetchd to go for a morning rainforest run, and spot an ocelot stealthily crossing jungle trails. On water, gliding down the New River lagoon - Belize's largest fresh water body at 28 miles long, is a veritable safari. You will feel the stare of Morelet crocodiles, while hanging high on trees are drooping bird nests, and gliding black vultures hunt from the sky. Maya temples abound-Lamanai's beautiful rainforest protects hundreds of bird species, including Belize,s national bird, the Kell-billed Toucan.
The daily soundtrack is the howler monkey's guttural roar. Hike deeper into the bush, and exlore medicinal trails in the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area with Programme for Belize. After emerging from these adrenaline-inducing experiences, meals bursting with Latin flavour await you in these northern parts. Sample the signature salpicón or spicy pork ceviche-so tasty it draws Belizeans from around the country. And ask about the best street side "chree-fi-dalla" (three for a dollar) tacos, a sure conversation starter. As surprising as Orange Walk's wild landscape: its fun loving spirit. Enjoy colorful festivities in Orange Walk such as annual Taco Fest, Sugar City Rum Festival, Fiestarama, and September Carnival Parade with each beat as vibrant and cheerful as the soul of the Orange Walkeňo.


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